Accelerate & Automate App-V 5.1 Application Sequencing with ConversionBox

ConversionBox to automate App-V 5.1 conversions at a rate of 100’s in a single day at a fraction of typical packaging costs

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ConversionBox utilizes its own installation & conversion engine technology.
The only self-contained automation solution available on the market. Just download and go.
Added Value


  • Must be installed on physical hardware only (not on a virtual machine)
  • 4 GB RAM minimum
  • 10Gb hard disk space (fast disk access)
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit or Windows 8.x 32/64 bit on the device which ConversionBox is to be installed on
  • An official Windows 10, Windows 8.x or Windows 7 ISO file



Download ConversionBox by AutonoWare

A complete step-by-step Operations Guide guide is available as a HelpFile

ConversionBox Get Started with apps

A complete step-by-step Operations Guide guide is available as a HelpFile

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