App-V 5.1 released today!

App-V 5.1 released today!

App-V evolution to App-V 5.1 and AutonoWare ConversionBox

Microsoft today (August 17th) announced that it has released to market the latest major version of App-V, its desktop application virtualization solution, to App-V 5.1. App-V 5.0 had three service pack releases with many hotfixes included, with SP3 considered by many to be the first major improvement on App-V 4.6. Microsoft has taken it a big step further with App-V 5.1. Congratulations to the App-V Product Group on a great job!

Key New Features in App-V 5.1

Most of the material changes in App-V 5.1 are agent and server side. However, there has also been some work in the advanced editing features of the App-V sequencer. Specifically, App-V 5.1 now allows manifests to be imported/exported and you can now import full directories of files or .reg files.

Briefly, however, the following improvements have been added to increase App-V 5 adoption for new App-V customers and those still on App-V 4.x:

  • Q:\ drive support has been improved for App-V 4 package conversion
  • Support has been added for multiple scripts per trigger

Additional features have been added to assist application compatibility:

  • Windows 10 now supported – App-V 5.1 is the only supported version of App-V for Windows 10
  • Advanced package editor abilities added
  • Copy-on-write has been expanded to support more file extensions
  • Environment variables are merged in Connection Groups

Increased manageability has been added with:

  • App-V user interface modernized. Now based on HTML 5 and JavaScript, supporting mobile layouts, no longer requiring Silverlight
  • Client logging and diagnostics have been simplified and modernized

How to Convert Your Apps to App-V 5.1

For those on App-V 4.x, you may be saying, ‘DON’T tell me we have to re-sequence all our apps again!! It took so long to get our apps sequenced first time around, we can’t afford the time or cost to do it again. Do we REALLY have to do this all over again?’. Well, yes & no. The fact is that apps sequenced for App-V 4.x won’t work on App-V 5.1 – each app will need to be re-worked, but stay with me! It’s much easier than it was first time around.

Some applications can be converted from App-V 4.x to App-V 5.1 using PowerShell and the success rate is better now than it ever has been, but it is still a process to get them converted. The good news is that with AutonoWare’s ConversionBox, it will take a fraction of the time and a fraction of the cost… so long as you have access to the application installer file.

…still with me? Great, then I guess you CAN get hold of the media, but we will have lost a few at that point and they will need to use PowerShell and manual resources to upgrade their apps to App-V 5.1. Check out the 2 minute ConversionBox demo video to see just how fast and simple it is to use.

For those that do have access to their application installer files, AutonoWare (part of the Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance) is delighted to announce that the new release of its App-V automated sequencing solution, ConversionBox v3.3.0.8, has also been released today (Update: ConversionBox 4.0 released May 2016) to support App-V 5.1.

App-V 5.1 Test Results with ConversionBox

In less than 24 hours, we at AutonoWare tested the conversion to App-V of a mix of 203 good, bad & very bad application source files (ie corrupted / without installers, etc), in the format of MSI’s, .exe’s & scripts and compared the results for App-V 5.0 SP3 and App-V 5.1 using ConversionBox with very similar results:

  • Both App-V versions had 107 successful conversions using ConversionBox. Just 47 of these had no errors/issues/services/drivers/hard coded errors/16bit files. A higher % is expected without the large number of poor apps deliberately included for testing purposes
  • 171 (84%) completed (either converted or failed to convert) for App-V 5.1 in less than 5 minutes per app – slightly more than the 169 for App-V 5.0 SP3
  • All apps were completed for 5.1 at a rate 33 minutes faster than for 5.0 SP3 – this could be down to time of day / background security, etc, but still good to see it going in the right direction

For those customers not looking to upgrade to App-V 5.1 immediately, don’t worry App-V 5.1 is backwardly compatible.

Additional Information on App-V 5.1

Microsoft TechNet:

Microsoft MVP’s:

With Microsoft now including App-V 5.1 integrated in box with Windows 10 Enterprise, now is THE time to get over to App-V 5.1. If you’ve been stuck on App-V 4.x, the migration to App-V 5.1 is now easier than it’s ever been and if you haven’t started virtualizing your apps to App-V because of the time and associated costs, ConversionBox will certainly help to minimize your time spent and maximize your cost-savings.

How is ConversionBox Licensed?

Each end-user customer is licensed for ConversionBox at just £9,950 per Operator, plus maintenance & support. Quantity discounts are available for multiple Operators. Any number of applications can be either converted to App-V or tested via its reporting capabilities at no additional cost.

ConversionBox Free Trial

For a free trial of ConversionBox with 5 conversion licenses included, simply download a copy and you can be converting apps to App-V 5.1 in less than 45 minutes from now. Just contact us for further details.

Converting your apps to App-V has never been easier!

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