Massively accelerate App-V 5.1 sequencing at a fraction of the cost

Massively accelerate App-V 5.1 sequencing at a fraction of the cost


If you are considering migrating your apps to an App-V 5.1 environment, or even upgrading from App-V 4.6 to 5.1, automating the conversions is the natural choice. But why?

Samand-Line-01Well, if you’ve ever purchased a car that’s hand-built, my guess is that you had a few more issues than the cars you bought from an automated production line. This is owing to the risk of human error. On top of this, the hand-built car will have taken considerably more time to build & cost more money, right?

It’s the same with application virtualization. If you want to convert your apps to App-V, with all the benefits that app virtualization brings, you can only gain from automating the conversion process. However, the automation process needs to:

  • Be easy to set up
  • Be easy to use
  • Deliver accurate conversions
  • Have a high percentage conversion rate
  • Cost less than manual App-V sequencing

Otherwise, as you know, it just doesn’t get used.

Customers licensed for Windows 10 Enterprise will soon have App-V included in box, which means that App-V is included as a strategic move for Microsoft with Windows 10.

AutonoWare’s ConversionBox is viewed by many as the tipping point for converting applications to App-V. It has covered the crucial points above as follows:

  • Just 45 minutes to download, install & setup. Check out the How to install ConversionBox video.
  • Run a pre-conversion report to determine which apps will auto-convert to App-V – by actually installing each app on your target OS
  • It’s fully automated! Just drag & drop your potentially 1,000’s of apps to the ‘Convert’ screen, enter a few initial bespoke settings & go & do something else while Conversion Box batch-converts your apps. Even the silent arguments for .exe’s have been automated. See an 8 minute demo of ConversionBox for a clearer view.
  • Similar to an automated car production line, once it has been set, it will do as it is requested, plus any apps requiring some manual work will have all errors & issues detailed prior to an engineer even STARTING to convert, saving further time & cost
  • Up to 90% of an application estate can be expected to convert using ConversionBox.

Now, not all applications can be converted to App-V 5.1, and of those that can, not all can be automated. However, a large percentage can be and you only pay a one-off fee for each operator license per customer. With an incredibly fast return on investment, there really is nothing to lose. See AutonoWare Pricing for more details.

So, whether you are…

  • A potential customer, considering ways of saving time & cost for your Applications project
  • A potential Partner that wants to ensure it saves its customers budget & time and therefore helping to ensure the overall project is won
  • An App-V Contractor wanting to offer rapid value to multiple customers at the same time. After all, why turn down those App-V conversion opportunities that you currently have to?

…there is a fantastic opportunity to realize the App-V dream set out by Microsoft to help lower costs for its customers with App-V & ensure that end users have a better managed solution for accessing virtualized applications today.

Don’t take our word for it though. Try it out for yourself by downloading from here with a 5 app trial license and in less than 45 minutes you could be converting your apps for App-V from your own device.

ConversionBox real time optimization for App-V including self healing and dynamic reporting




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