App-V Sequencing: Why use a washboard when you can use a washing machine?

App-V Sequencing: Why use a washboard when you can use a washing machine?

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Our Greatest Commodity.

Sometimes, people that have a passion for a cause vehemently adhere to it wherever possible. There’s a great TED session by Hans Rosling called The Magic Washing Machine, where Hans states the case for the humble washing machine to be the greatest invention of the industrial revolution. Almost all of the ‘greenest’ of people – even those that have ditched the car to ‘save the planet’ – still use a washing machine. So, what is it that the washing machine provides that is so important to our lives? Well, apart from clean clothes, the greatest commodity it provides is TIME. The comparison between scrubbing with a wash board and drag & dropping some clothes into a washing machine, and leaving it to run through a fully automated process, while you do something else (hopefully more valuable) is immense.

The time this simple process provided for Hans as a 4 year old child was time his mother could then spend with her child. She then spent the time saved reading many books with him. Perhaps without this time, Hans would not have had the education that gave him his head start in life and maybe he would never have had the career he achieved as a professor of global health, or as co-owner of Gapminder (acquired by Google in 2007), nor would he ever presented at TED, without the time provided by this simple automated device. Who knows!

It was simplicity, together with the time and costs saved for customers that gave me the passion to drive SoftGrid / App-V to help the UK become the leaders in App-V across the globe in my early days at Softricity and Microsoft. I knew that for customers that adopted App-V, they would be able to manage their application environments better and be able to convert their apps to App-V relatively quickly & easily compared to traditional packaging methods and at a lower cost. What’s not to love?? However, the concern was always the initial stages of converting their existing applications to App-V. Once this had been completed, all was good, but often this process alone was enough to dissuade customers to start at all.

Today, my passion to drive App-V and ensure that customers can really get what they want from App-V has taken me to AutonoWare, which has provided the ‘washing machine’ for automating App-V sequencing faster, more accurately and at a much higher success rate than any method available today.

The biggest hurdle that we’ve faced has been getting the guys that use thebig hurdle washboards (the manual App-V packagers) to check it out for themselves as automating App-V can be viewed as a ‘job stealer’. So, we’ve turned it into a ‘tool’ for Packagers meaning that many more customers can now afford to migrate to App-V, which in turn creates many more roles for the App-V sequencers. In addition to this, these App-V sequencers can say ‘yes’ to more projects by using ConversionBox to run pre-conversion reports and automate App-V conversions for customers without spending days/weeks/months at the customer site.

Automating App-V Sequencing as a Service

LaunderetteThere are now ‘launderettes’ for App-V, where AutonoWare and its Partners offer a service to automate the App-V sequencing process for the majority (potentially 1,000’s) of a customer’s applications in just a few days via AutonoWare‘s ConversionBox solution. It’s as if there are dozens of top level App-V sequencers working around the clock, except… this isn’t the case, it’s just software, which means it’s provided at a much lower cost.

However, similar to the washing machine, not everything can be automated. Just as some of your clothes need to be dry-cleaned or hand-washed, some of your applications need to be manually managed by experts too. In addition to its Partners, AutonoWare can also offer offsite packaging-as-a-service, to also convert (wherever possible) the applications that cannot be automatically converted to App-V 5.1 with ConversionBox. There is also an option for creating MSIs for any apps that cannot be converted to App-V 5.1 for any reason, therefore providing an all-encompassing solution for all of your applications.

For a clearer view, see the table below.

Automating App-V Sequencing with ConversionBox


imagine automating App-V

So, just imagine…

For those that are currently using App-V:

  • What you and your department could do with all the extra time that App-V automation would provide
  • What you could do with the additional revenue saved by ConversionBox

For those that are not currently using App-V:

  • How much easier your application management and support could be by having your applications virtualized with App-V and now at an affordable cost.


Thankfully, these days many people in the world have access to a washing machine. Now, by massively reducing the time and associated costs of virtualizing applications, ConversionBox helps organisations across the globe to be able to have their applications successfully virtualized quickly and affordably.

Download & Start Automating App-V in less than 45 Minutes

download-nowCheck out the ConversionBox demo videos to see just how fast and easy it is to use ConversionBox and then, in less than 45 minutes, you can see for yourself how you too can massively accelerate the conversion of your applications to App-V 5.1 by downloading a free 5 license ConversionBox trial today from, or for more information contact

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