AutonoWare & AppTracker align to greatly reduce app migration costs

AutonoWare & AppTracker align to greatly reduce app migration costs

AutonoWare & AppTracker form alliance

AutonoWare & AppTracker align to reduce customer app migration costs

AutonoWare & AppTracker are delighted to announce that they have formed an alliance to integrate Best of Breed solutions to help customers to accelerate the planning, reporting and execution process (AND save huge costs!) for application migration projects within a single integrated solution.

About AutonoWare

AutonoWare delivers a fully or partially automated application installer file (MSI / .exe / script) to Microsoft App-V 5.1 conversion process with its software automation solution ConversionBox. The App-V sequencing process can be massively accelerated for >60% of an application estate from the standard 1 to 2 applications manually converted to App-V per day to potentially up to 150 apps converted to App-V per day using ConversionBox automation software. Pre-conversion reports are available to help determine which apps can / cannot be automated by actually installing each application on the target OS. The reporting details all errors / issues found during installation. ConversionBox typically saves many months of manual effort and the majority of the associated costs.

About AppTracker

AppTracker is the market leader in ‘soup to nuts’ application lifecycle management and migration optimisation. Its unique feature set provides collaborative workflow management to accelerate each application’s journey from request to release; the advanced toolset allows you to remove the guesswork from migrations by adding real business context to provide planning and readiness reports. This reduces migration programmes by months, saving £1,000s.

‘OK, so what does the AutonoWare & AppTracker alliance mean for me?’

For starters, you can save a huge amount of time, cost and application complexity for your application migration, but it doesn’t stop there. AppTracker provides the ‘tool belt’ to manage the process to aid your app migration project and ConversionBox is one of the integrated ‘tools’ to help to greatly reduce the time and cost to plan, report and execute within a single integrated solution.

AutonoWare & AppTracker app migration process

Figure 1. Process showing AutonoWare and AppTracker integration points

Additional benefits provided with a converged AppTracker / ConversionBox solution are as follows:

  • Fully integrated AppTracker & AutonoWare solution to add additional value to existing standalone solutions
  • Highly scalable for 1,000’s of applications
  • Accelerated application deployment in BAU scenarios to save costs and increase user satisfaction
  • Ensure existing technical resources are effectively utilised to add greater value

Migration programmes are transformed by optimising the workstream and automating the majority of application virtualisation effort, saving vast amounts of time and cost.


Check out our 3 minute demo of ConversionBox integrated with AppTracker, delivered by AppTracker’s Senior Product Specialist, Ben Cook.

Time limited Special Offer

Until 31st March 2016, AutonoWare and AppTracker are delighted to offer the following to new and existing AppTracker and AutonoWare customers.

For existing AppTracker customers

There is a special pricing option for AppTracker customers to get started with ConversionBox:

  1. An AppTracker customer only option for ConversionBox ReportFull pre-conversion reports at just £995 (plus sales tax)
  2. A 20% discount of ConversionBox to all AppTracker customers for just £7,960 (plus sales tax) per operator, which allows full use of ConversionBox pre-conversion reports and App-V conversions

ConversionBox is then priced on a ‘cost per execution’ basis, based upon the results of the pre-conversion reports.

For existing AutonoWare customers

A discount of 20% per application is available for AppTracker licenses for all AutonoWare customers.

For new AppTracker & AutonoWare customers

A collective discount of 20% is available for AppTracker and ConversionBox licenses when purchased together.

So what next?

Easy. Just contact AutonoWare or contact AppTracker to register your interest and we will arrange an initial call to discover your requirements, with a view to arranging a demo.

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