AutonoWare Joins Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance

AutonoWare Joins Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance

AutonoWare joins Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance

LONDON, UK – July 10th, 2015 – AutonoWare, a leading provider of Microsoft App-V automation solutions, today announced that it has joined the Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance. With App-V becoming an application delivery standard for Windows 7, Windows 8 and now Windows 10, AutonoWare’s collaboration with Microsoft will simplify and accelerate virtualization of Windows desktop applications being deployed to these platforms. ConversionBox, AutonoWare’s software based automation solution, addresses the needs of customers keen to increase the adoption of virtualization within their organisations but have been hindered by crippling application virtualization costs and slow project rollouts.

ConversionBox can rapidly and automatically migrate over 60% of customer’s applications to App-V 5 at a rate of up to 150 per day, significantly reducing virtualization project costs and timelines. App-V is a great enabler to help customers centrally manage their application estates moving forwards. AutonoWare is aligning efforts with Microsoft to help customers, even those without App-V technical experience, to easily convert the majority of their application installer files to App-V, faster than previously thought possible, through the ConversionBox automation process.

App-V helps to underpin desktop applications for Azure, SCCM and Windows Server and with ConversionBox, AutonoWare has ensured that customers can now very simply, rapidly and cost-effectively migrate to App-V. “Imagine if this time next month over 60% of your applications had already been virtualized for App-V,” said AutonoWare Director, Graham Bell. “With ConversionBox, it’s as if you have hundreds of round-the-clock App-V sequencers converting applications for you. It’s all possible because ConversionBox automates App-V sequencing for the majority of desktop applications without any further manual intervention required.”

“So, we’re delighted to be joining the Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance to accelerate the App-V virtualization process, because many App-V customers will see ConversionBox as creating the tipping point to ensure that their applications can quickly, cleanly and inexpensively be converted to App-V, resulting in their desktop applications becoming considerably more manageable,” concludes Bell. AutonoWare accredited partners offer ConversionBox either as a ‘per operator’ software tool or as part of an end-to-end App-V packaging service that provides an additional layer of support to in-house or out-sourced technical teams.

About AutonoWare

AutonoWare is a UK based automation software company, focused on helping organisations of all sizes deploy and manage applications on virtualization platforms faster and for less cost than using manual processes. Its customers range across all markets, managing as few as 20 applications up to over 8,000 applications. ConversionBox has been independently reviewed by Microsoft App-V MVP’s and found to greatly reduce the time and cost to virtualize existing and new Windows applications.

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