Breaking the App-V conversion barrier with ConversionBox

Breaking the App-V conversion barrier with ConversionBox


London, UK, 25th February 2015 – Leading virtualisation automation vendor AutonoWare, today announced the release of version of its ConversionBox solution.  The latest release provides accurate forecasting and allows App-V projects to stay within project timelines by reducing 90% of conversion time for 60-90% of application source files (MSI’s, executables & scripts) to Microsoft App-V 5.0 SP3 (and/or 4.6).

ConversionBox is ideal for users who:

  • Are currently using App-V 4.6 and looking to upgrade to App-V 5.0 SP3
  • Are planning to migrate their application estate to App-V 5.0
  • Are in the process of manually converting application source files to App-V 4.6 or 5.0
  • Have previously considered App-V but decided against it owing to timescales and resource cost

Spend just 30 minutes downloading and installing ConversionBox – or just hit the ‘Update’ button if you have already installed ConversionBox.

New enhanced benefits of ConversionBox include:

Reduction of up to 90% deployment time for almost all application source files.

ConversionBox now automates the virtualization of applications in line with Microsoft sequencing guidelines even faster and for a much broader range of applications. Testing showed that 60-90% of application source files (MSI’s, .exe’s & scripts) can be automatically batch-converted to App-V for Windows 7 & Windows 8 64bit and 32bit platforms at a rate of 1 conversion every 4 -5 minutes.

It has also been conclusively shown that when applications fit the requirements for virtualization with App-V, the adoption of ConversionBox enables organizations to significantly reduce IT labor effort; reduce the time required to deliver new or updated applications to users; and deliver higher-quality and more responsive services to the business. ConversionBox is licensed on a ‘per execution’ basis, ensuring that a licenses are only used for conversions.

Accurate Pre-Conversion Reporting:

Run a report to determine exactly which application source files to auto-convert & therefore how many licenses are required. The fully automated batch conversions can be run directly from the report itself, or by dragging in specific installer files, application files or folders of applications as required. The report determines which applications can be converted by actually installing them on the OS on a virtual machine provided by AutonoWare – not just a flat file. This greatly improves reporting accuracy.



Specify Installation Files

For applications that, for example, have numerous executable files, the main installers can be chosen to ensure a clean report is provided with one line per installer reported, ie not for EVERY non-installer .exe within the folder structure.

Automated Installation Routines

Installation routines are handled automatically with no silent arguments needing to be set prior to the conversion process. This cuts down the monotonous manual searching online for silent arguments prior to conversions for executables.

Auto-convert on Customer-Specific Gold Builds

ConversionBox allows the conversions to be automated on specific customer gold builds to ensure an even higher successful conversion rate.

Informed decisions on applications and migrations:

ConversionBox Reporter tests which applications can migrate to a new Windows 8/7 Operating System by actually installing each of them on Windows 7 at a rate of hundreds of applications per day. This is managed on a single desktop or server and is a fully automated application assessment without any human intervention. The Report gives the IT department full error analyses with all the details they need to make an informed decision on which applications can install on Windows 7/8 and which applications ConversionBox can convert for App-V.

Utilize technical resources to add value:

AutonoWare’s Real Time Engine Layer (RTEL) built within ConversionBox adds a deep level of detail to the reporting. By checking if the applications have any execution errors during the actual real-time installation of an application. As your technical resources do not need to be bothered by converting the majority of your applications to App-V (ConversionBox will do that for them), they now have the time and the tools to add value to those applications challenging your migration project. With all the necessary information available in ConversionBox Reporter, such as detailing any hard coded errors, Com+, services and drivers which are present during boot time, 16 bit / 64 bit files, etc., they can start with high-level problem solving – pre-informed and immediately.

About ConversionBox

ConversionBox is the fastest, simplest and most accurate method of automating the conversions of application source files for Microsoft App-V 5.0 SP3 & 4.6.  ConversionBox is a fully automated and can be downloaded and in operation in less than 30 minutes. Licensed on a ‘per execution’ basis, it means a license is only used for applications that have been converted to App-V.  A report can be run first to determine how many licenses are required.

About AutonoWare
AutonoWare is a software vendor focused on providing a fully automated App-V conversion solution AutonoWare’s leadership team is comprised of former Microsoft, Softricity & JPMorgan Chase folks that have decades of experience with App-V & truly understand the pain points that often prevents customers deploying App-V & how these can be eradicated through automation. We also wanted to be in the enviable position where our solution is so reliable that we could provide a further insurance to customers by offering a guarantee for conversions. We at AutonoWare have decades of experience with App-V, going back to the pre-Microsoft days of Softricity. We love App-V & want to make sure that as many customers are realizing its benefits as possible. Our customers range from SME’s with just 20 applications to global enterprises managing an estate of more than 8,000 applications.

To test ConversionBox for yourself simply download it below.  The trial version comes with 10   conversion licenses included.  Visit for more information.


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