Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What type of applications can ConversionBox automatically convert for App-V?

A: Most installer files in the format of MSI, .exe, VB script, cmd script or .bat file can be converted to App-V 5.1 using ConversionBox. There is, however, a small percentage of applications that cannot be virtualized for App-V. There are also some applications that are not suitable for automation. ConversionBox provides a report detailing errors and issues for these applications, which will also help reduce the time, effort and cost for manual packaging.

Q: Can ConversionBox also create an MSI?

A: Yes. ConversionBox can simultaneously create a full MSI (ideal for future-proofing your app estate in case you ever wish to move away from App-V), plus an App-V MSI can be delivered too (Perfect for using App-V in ESD environments, ie SCCM). A full MSI can also be created from legacy installers without converting to App-V by using the Exe2MSI module

Q: Do the application installer files need to be pre-prepped or can we use vendor apps straight out of the box?

A: ConversionBox can convert any application as detailed above, although pre-prepped will help to ensure that they are right for each specific environment

Q: How can ConversionBox virtualize applications when even Microsoft say that there are some applications which cannot work with App-V?

A: There are occasionally elements within applications that mean that the application cannot be virtualized in its entirety. This is owing to rules within App-V for what can or cannot be virtualized. ConversionBox’ installation engine handles all errors gracefully, ensuring no empty packages as a result and therefore a high success rate. For each application converted, a sequenced package will be delivered. There is information provided detailing which components have not been virtualized, which provides each customer with the option of installing the non-virtualized parts locally, which can then be accessed via the registry tray. Another option would be for the virtualized application not to be used & the installer file to be installed locally.

Q: How do I load ConversionBox on my device?

A: The ConversionBox software can be downloaded from our website after you request a trial. It should take no more than 5 minutes to download. Then, set your Hyper-V setting ‘on’ and just drag & drop your Windows 10, 8.x or 7 ISO into the ‘Convert’ screen when prompted and the process of adding your OS to the Hyper-V virtual machine will be fully automated. Full instruction details are in the Get Started page and the ConversionBox 4.0 Getting Started Guide

Q: What is the process to convert application installer files for application virtualization?

A: This is incredibly simple: just import your application installer files (MSI’s, .exe’s, VB scripts, cmd scripts & .bat files) by dragging your folder with all of your applications that you wish to be converted (from local storage or shares across your network) into the ‘Convert’ screen of ConversionBox. Select the main installer files (if known) and arrange the Settings in the pre-conversion Batch Assistant for your specific environment, which should take just 5 minutes. The system will initially check that the system pre-reqs are in place & then launch ConversionBox. Go & do something else, while ConversionBox automates the virtualization process for all of your applications for App-V at a rate of approximately 1 conversion every 10 minutes. Once the conversions have been completed, go to the ‘Output’ folder for the virtualized applications & test them for your environment. See 2 minute ConversionBox demo or a more comprehensive 8 minute demo for a clearer view

Q: We have some excellent packagers & sequencers for App-V. Our best guy has sequenced up to 5 applications in a single day. How many can ConversionBox deliver?

A: As always, it depends upon the size and complexity of the application. However, if a broad range of conversions are run from a standard desktop device, a rate of 10 minutes per conversion could be anticipated. Naturally, this will be quicker from a higher spec device. So, potentially 100’s of apps could be converted in a single day.

Q: How much time can we expect to save by using ConversionBox?

A: This depends on the size & complexity of your applications, your environment & your current methods. However, we would expect a time saving of >90% compared to manual sequencing or packaging using the App-V Sequencer.

Q: The numbers that AutonoWare suggest can be delivered seem ‘too good to be true’. How can we test your promises ourselves?

A: AutonoWare fully understands that the numbers do appear extraordinary. We strongly suggest that you test it for yourself. Fill in the simple trial request form to download ConversionBox and we can set you up with a handful of conversions to trial ConversionBox for your environment. There are no set up costs and you could be automating App-V conversions within an hour.

Q: Sounds great, but I bet it’s expensive isn’t it?

A: We’re here to help. ConversionBox will not only provide huge time savings, but is also licensed at much less than it would usually cost to manually virtualize applications. Check out our Pricing or contact AutonoWare or one of our Partners for pricing and licensing information.

Q: How are the reporting tools within ConversionBox?

A: The output from the automation of converting applications to App-V reports on whether each app has components which have not been virtualized and which components they are. The decision is then with the packager whether to use the virtualized application and add the components locally or perhaps it may be decided not to virtualize the application for the customer’s environment. The reporting provides the choice at no additional cost.

Q: What happens if the server crashes during the batch sequencing process?

A: Presuming the information on the server is retrievable, all converted applications will be available. Once ConversionBox is restarted the conversions will continue from where they left off prior to the crash

Q: What are the system pre-reqs to run ConversionBox?

A: The minimum hardware & software requirements for ConversionBox are: – Windows 10 or 8.x on the device – A minimum of 4 GB RAM free – 10Gb hard disk space (fast disk access) – Windows 10, 8.x or 7 ISO file. See the Get Started section for more details.


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  • Enables real-time testing of the media prior and during the actual conversion

  • Simplifying application complexity through automation

  • Enhancing performance – All Applications can now be virtualized wherever possible with minimal human intervention, while users can now have rapid accessibility to the latest updates of applications.