How to create a custom image with Microsoft Office in ConversionBox.

How to create a custom image with Microsoft Office in ConversionBox.



One of the main areas that we get requests for, especially from large customers with complex environments, is when they want to use ConversionBox to automate their app conversions to App-V on an existing bespoke image. This can be very simply managed and the following outlines the steps necessary to create a customized session to be used with ConversionBox. These steps can be amended to suit your own requirements.

1. In a default normal installation, all engines are based off the parent snapshot, called “base”. The engine snapshots are always children of a base parent.



2. The base snapshot will be highlighted in red. Run ConversionBox.exe /check to see your current setup.


3. In order to create new child snapshot with Microsoft Office for example, run the following command:
ConversionBox.exe /modify /basedon:base /name:newbase



This will load a clean session.


Once the session is loaded you will have full edit access to the session (mouse, key and clipboard are enabled)


You can now change anything you want in your new base session. For illustration purposes I changed the desktop backdrop.


In order to install additional software,simply drag and drop a folder from your local machine that contains the source into the session. The folder will be automatically be mapped and opened.





4. Install your software as you would normally do. (You can install other additional software by just dragging and dropping additional folders etc.)




5. On completion just close the session viewer. ConversionBox will automatically save everything in the background for you.


6. Run ConversionBox.exe /check, to ensure that the new base session has been created.


7. In order to use the new session you have to change to the new session.Run: ConversionBox.exe /changeroot newbase
(You can always switch back by running ConversionBox.exe /changeroot base)

8. On the next  conversion job, ConversionBox will automatically install the required conversion engine for your new session. (App-V in the example below)







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