Massively accelerate App-V 5.1 sequencing at a fraction of the cost

If you are considering migrating your apps to an App-V 5.1 environment, or even upgrading from App-V 4.6 to 5.1, automating the conversions is the natural choice. But why? Well, if you’ve ever purchased a car that’s hand-built, my guess is that you had a few more issues than the […]

App-V washboard washing machine1

App-V Sequencing: Why use a washboard when you can use a washing machine?

Our Greatest Commodity. Sometimes, people that have a passion for a cause vehemently adhere to it wherever possible. There’s a great TED session by Hans Rosling called The Magic Washing Machine, where Hans states the case for the humble washing machine to be the greatest invention of the industrial revolution. […]


Microsoft App-V 4.6 is end of mainstream support. Now what?

During my years at Softricity and Microsoft, the thought of App-V 4.6 going end of life seemed light years away.  However, mainstream support ended on the 14th July 2015, plus the only version of App-V which is supported for Windows 10 is App-V 5.1. With Windows 10 Enterprise about to include […]

AutonoWare & AppTracker form alliance

AutonoWare & AppTracker align to greatly reduce app migration costs

AutonoWare & AppTracker align to reduce customer app migration costs AutonoWare & AppTracker are delighted to announce that they have formed an alliance to integrate Best of Breed solutions to help customers to accelerate the planning, reporting and execution process (AND save huge costs!) for application migration projects within a single integrated solution. […]

App-V evolution to App-V 5.1 and AutonoWare ConversionBox

App-V 5.1 released today!

Microsoft today (August 17th) announced that it has released to market the latest major version of App-V, its desktop application virtualization solution, to App-V 5.1. App-V 5.0 had three service pack releases with many hotfixes included, with SP3 considered by many to be the first major improvement on App-V 4.6. Microsoft […]

AutonoWare joins Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance

AutonoWare Joins Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance

LONDON, UK – July 10th, 2015 – AutonoWare, a leading provider of Microsoft App-V automation solutions, today announced that it has joined the Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance. With App-V becoming an application delivery standard for Windows 7, Windows 8 and now Windows 10, AutonoWare’s collaboration with Microsoft will simplify and […]


The layouts adapts to the Screen Size of whatever device visitors are using. Nulla consequat.

  • Enables real-time testing of the media prior and during the actual conversion

  • Simplifying application complexity through automation

  • Enhancing performance – All Applications can now be virtualized wherever possible with minimal human intervention, while users can now have rapid accessibility to the latest updates of applications.