ConversionBox App-V & MSI Automation Solutions

Everyone wants to virtualize their applications… don’t they??

It’s fair to say that given the choice between whether to virtualize applications or not, almost all companies would choose to virtualize for all the obvious benefits this provides. Also, for those apps which can’t convert to App-V for any reason, you’d ideally want them packaged as an MSI. Microsoft’s App-V is being baked in to every Windows 10 Enterprise client. App-V licenses are included as part of Windows VDA, which is great news for Microsoft Azure RemoteApp customers that want their desktop apps in a hybrid environment to reduce server requirements. Citrix also highly recommends App-V for XenDesktop & XenApp environments. Alternatively for desktop environments without Windows 10 Enterprise, App-V licenses are also available as part of the very popular MDOP suite of products, which is included with Windows Software Assurance (SA).

So what’s stopping you?

A key sticking point for moving to an App-V environment has always been the time & associated costs to manually convert existing applications to App-V. This is completely understandable, when the cost to convert an application can cost anything from $500 up to >$5,000 (we really have seen this!) per conversion & the time per conversion can be anything from a few hours to a few weeks per application (we’ve seen this too!).

Another area for concern can be about what happens if it is decided at some point to migrate away from App-V. The route to convert .appv files back to MSIs or .exe is not a simple process.

AutonoWare’s Goal

AutonoWare’s focus has been to remove obstacles to ensure that conversion processes are no longer a barrier for productivity. As a by-product, the associated cost & time factors can then be minimized by taking away the manual overhead requirement of converting applications to App-V through automation. Additionally, we want to ensure that an easy migration away from App-V is possible, if desired at any point in the future.We at AutonoWare have decades of experience with App-V, going back to the pre-Microsoft days of Softricity. We love App-V and want to make sure that as many customers are realizing its benefits as possible.

The Solution

AutonoWare has created a revolutionary shift in how applications can be quickly and easily transformed into App-V and/or MSIs.

Accelerating Application Conversions with ConversionBox App-V Automation

ConversionBox provides an out-of-the-box App-V automation solution that simulates the perfect error-free technical engineer to convert your applications to App-V in a fraction of the time & cost. Put simply, AutonoWare takes care of the complexity, so that you don’t have to!

Downloading and installing ConversionBox to your environment takes less than 45 minutes. Then, just take a few minutes to input the bespoke settings for your environment and simply drag & drop a folder of your MSI’s, executables (.exe’s) & scripts (.vbs, .bat, .cmd) into the ‘Convert’ screen of ConversionBox & up to 90% of your applications can convert to App-V at a rate of up to 150 conversions per day.

Automating Legacy Installer Conversions to MSI with ConversionBox Exe2MSI Automation

AutonoWare’s ConversionBox provides an option to automate the conversion of legacy installer files (Exe / Scripts) to an MSI format, which means that:

  • MSIs can be created simultaneously with the batch conversion of applications to App-V 5.1
  • MSIs can be converted from legacy installer files without converting to App-V

Application Conversion Options – App-V 5.1 and/or MSI So, the end result of a batch conversion of application installer files can, wherever possible, be:

  1. All apps are converted as full MSIs, plus all apps which can convert to App-V will also deliver a .appv file and an App-V MSI (if desired). Use both ConversionBox App-V and ConversionBox Exe2MSI modules.
  2. All apps are converted to App-V 5.1 only as a .appv file and an App-V MSI where required. Use just ConversionBox App-V module.
  3. All legacy installer apps (Exe / scripts) are converted to MSI only. Use ConversionBox Exe2MSI module only.
  4. All apps are converted to App-V 5.1, with just the remaining apps converted to MSI. Use both ConversionBox App-V and ConversionBox MSI modules.

The choice is yours. All at a rate of potentially 100’s of apps per day. The reports will detail which apps have converted, which have not, fully detailed in the post-conversion reports.

Pre-Conversion Reporting

Once an Operator License for ConversionBox has been acquired for an organization, you can convert as many applications to App-V per organization as you wish and/or run pre-conversion reports across the entire estate, for as long as you like, whenever you like at no additional cost except for support and maintenance. The ReportFull pre-conversion report is not just an estimate whether an application may or may not run in your environment – it actually installs your applications on any Windows 10, Windows 8.x or Windows 7 OS of your choice and provides factual information about your applications & ALL errors & issues discovered.

You will then know which environment (64bit / 32bit) is the most optimized for virtualizing your applications at a fraction of the cost of other, less accurate, methods of reporting. Then, directly from the report, you can very easily convert your applications to App-V using ConversionBox App-V automation.

ConversionBox Options & Feature Comparison

AutonoWare’s App-V Automation Conversion Accuracy

Owing to the ability to report on the actual installation of applications before converting, for all applications that register as ‘green’, each of these applications will test launch once converted to App-V using ConversionBox. No other App-V automation solution is as fast, easy to use or accurate, or has such a high successful conversion rate as ConversionBox. In addition to saving months, or even years of effort, ConversionBox has also ensured that it will cost just a fraction compared to manual conversions. Migrating your applications to App-V and MSI has never been simpler, quicker or cost less.


So, how much does ConversionBox cost?

ConversionBox ReportFull

ConversionBox ReportFull provides pre-conversion reporting by actually installing each application on your chosen Windows 10 / 8.x / 7  OS to test suitability for App-V conversions, plus testing for 32bit and 64bit:

£1,950 ($2,995) per operator per end-user customer, plus maintenance and support at 18% p.a. (plus taxes)

This perpetual license will provide you with full use to run as many apps through ConversionBox to provide pre-conversion reports as you wish.

ConversionBox App-V

ConversionBox App-V includes pre-conversion reporting with ReportFull reporting, plus converting your applications to App-V 5.1 on your chosen OS:

£9,950 ($14,925) per operator per end-user customer, plus maintenance and support at 18% p.a. (plus taxes)

This perpetual license will provide you with full use to run as many apps through ConversionBox to provide pre-conversion reports and convert to App-V 5.1.

ConversionBox Exe2MSI

ConversionBox Exe2MSI includes pre-conversion reporting with ReportFull reporting, plus batch-converting your legacy installers (Exe / Scripts) to full MSIs on your chosen OS:

£9,950 ($14,925) per operator per end-user customer, plus maintenance and support at 18% p.a. (plus taxes)

This perpetual license will provide you with full use to run as many apps through ConversionBox to provide pre-conversion reports and convert to MSI.

ConversionBox Professional – LIMITED TIME OFFER!

ConversionBox Professional includes both ConversionBox App-V and ConversionBox Exe2MSI modules as above. For a limited time, to celebrate the major release launch of ConversionBox 4.0, AutonoWare is offering ConversionBox Professional at the cost of just 1 module:

£9,950 ($14,925) per operator per end-user customer, plus maintenance and support at 18% p.a. (plus taxes)

This perpetual license will provide you with full use to run as many apps through ConversionBox to provide pre-conversion reports, convert to App-V 5.1 and to MSI.

Additional Licenses

For more operators, just add additional license, although many customers may find that owing to the speed and ease of use of ConversionBox, just one license is sufficient. For additional pricing options, see AutonoWare Pricing.

Return on Investment

Return on Investment

Let’s use a round number and suggest that typically each app conversion using a skilled packager costs £500 ($750) per app. It would take just 20 conversions using ConversionBox to save £10,000 ($15,000). The reports delivered by ConversionBox, which detail application errors and issues for the apps that cannot be converted to App-V or MSI with ConversionBox, will save further time and cost for manual packagers.

As an example using App-V, even using conservative numbers and assuming only 40% (we’d expect more!) of your application estate could be converted to App-V with ConversionBox, you would need a total of just 50 apps (at 40%, 20 apps would be converted) to see a return on your investment. Plus, these numbers are ignoring the amount of information provided in the reports for any apps which cannot be converted, saving more time and cost.

ConversionBox - Simplify Optimize Accelerate App-V Automation


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  • Enables real-time testing of the media prior and during the actual conversion

  • Simplifying application complexity through automation

  • Enhancing performance – All Applications can now be virtualized wherever possible with minimal human intervention, while users can now have rapid accessibility to the latest updates of applications.